- Rules of conduct -

We take our rules very seriously as should all attendees. Failure to adhere to all of these rules may result in your removal from the event without refund and the possibility of being banned PERMENANTLY. Also, anyone found to be participating in any illegal acts are subject to being reported to the authorities.

1- You must be at least 21 years of age to attend any MLC event and have proper ID.

2- The word "no" should need no further explanation. Be sure to have permission before making physical contact of any kind. Showing respect for everyone at an event is mandatory. Please allow the ladies to set the tone.

3- There are to be absolutely no weapons of any kind brought with you to any MLC event.

4- MLC has a zero tolerance policy on illegal drugs and paraphernalia of any kind.

5- All  singles, both male and female, must be accompanied by either a date or sponsoring couple. Singles that show     up by themselves will not be allowed to attend.     **exception will be made at events promoted as singles friendly**         

6- There will be no fighting or arguing permitted at our events. If you have a problem with another person or couple, bring it to the attention of the MLC owners, co-hosts, or security. Do not take matters into your own hands.

7- Cameras, camera phones, and other types of recording devices are not allowed inside any MLC event without  the   express consent from the owners of MLC.

8- MLC is an off premises club, therefore there is to be no sex or nudity inside the MLC premises.

9- MLC and its representatives reserve the right to make amendments to the details of any of its events without notice  as they deem appropriate. MLC also reserves the right to refuse attendance to anyone they feel necessary to ensure the privacy, safety and  security of all guests in attendance.

10- MLC asks that for security and privacy of all attendees, you do not disclose specifics of events or location with those whom do not attend. Anyone wanting to attend will need to be verified by MLC or its co-hosts and will be given all relative information by MLC.